bunhill fields

Project update: April 2014

When I say I enjoy caving letters, in stone I’m often asked, with a kind of uncertain grimace, if I carve headstones. Carved memorials are important to us, weighted with meaning and reverence. Yet, at this most personal time, we seem to result to an accepted generic language of mourning – dearly loved, greatly missed, in loving memory, gone but not forgotten, forever in our hearts…. 

Memorials have held a unique place in our culture, a lasting social statement. But often this statement is a safe generic platitude, a socially accepted version of who a person was, or was to us. There are a few things on my mind as I work on ideas for the Stonecarved project

1- when social media allows us to personally create a statement of social memory while we’re alive, what is the function of a carved memorial?

2 – given the chance to have words caved in stone, words that really matter, what would people choose?

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