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Stonecarved at Aspex

Stonecarved 1.8.2015 – 27.09.2015

It’s taken 18 months to put this show together. Three new works comprising of 13 carved pieces, film, digital, and printed work. You can see a birds-eye-view of the show here. There are separate posts on each of the three works: Conversations in British Stones, the Triptych and the Social Memory Experiment.

Here’s Aspex Curator, Clive Caswell writing about the exhibition.

Stonecarved is an exhibition of new work by stonemason, lettercutter and winner of Aspex’s 2013 open submission completion ‘Craft Emergency’, Thomas Appleton.

Thomas is an emerging craft maker on a mission to reconnect us to stone, a material often taken for granted and overlooked. The first part of the exhibition presents a range of carved works – conversations – in British Stones. Each has been worked with details native to themselves / their landscape / the quarries they came from. The exhibition then moves on to a triptych, asking us to think about why we believe what we see ‘set in stone’.

Finally in this age of social media as social memory, the work asks if carving words in stone is still relevant and if so, what are the words you’d like to see Stonecarved?

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