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Ruth Siddall

Exploring Urban Geology with Dr Ruth Siddall

Dr Ruth Siddall is a Geoarchaeologist with an incredible skill for ancient bringing stone to life. Throughout the year, Ruth runs guided Urban Geology walks. As she explains on her website: The urban landscape is […]

Clipsham Quarry, Rutland

Quarry visit: Clipsham, Rutland.

What struck me most about Clipsham wasn’t the incredible landscape of their operation; 90 acres currently being worked – that is once you get into the main quarry past the sections worked […]

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The ‘Once-a-Week’ quarry, Peak District

The Once-a-Week quarry, is the only source of the highly-valued Mandale limestone. The quarry has been closed for a while. The owners, Natual Stone Sales are working with their reserves […]

William Smith: Geological Map of England: Cross-section

Project update: August 2014

I’ve been thinking on Florian’s comments on how special the range of stone we have in this country is. Over the last few months I’ve been researching possible quarries to visit, asking if they will […]