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Key to this project is sourcing the words, phases and sentiments that  – given the chance – people would choose to have set in stone. A quick poll of my […]


Letterform development

I decided to develop a new lettering system for the lettercut work that will be showing at Aspex. As Aspex is housed in 19 century structure, I sought out letter-forms contemporary […]

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The Death App

My pal Max recently shared a facebook post linking to the death app: ” Just imagine having your name engraved on a tombstone complete with the year of your birth and year of […]

Rebecca Edwards, Reality TV editor

Like stone inscriptions, reality TV can hold witness to the triumphs of the ordinary man or woman

Rebecca is an editor working in reality & documentary TV and also lecturers at the Australian, Film, Television & Radio school in Sydney. I was interested to hear her thoughts […]

Work in progress

Project Update: June 2014

I’ve been thinking about Liz’s comments of the ‘truth’ of stone; an unedited record of it’s own life. It’s prompted me to think about my role in sharing the truth of […]

Dr Liz Gaunt, Volcanologist

Rock can tell us so much if only we take the time to look.

Geologist & Volcanologist Dr. Elizabeth Gaunt is keeping communities safe from volcanoes. Liz is undertaking post-doctoral research for at the Ecuadorian Geophysical institute, researching volcanic processes and exploring methods for […]

bunhill fields

Project update: April 2014

When I say I enjoy caving letters, in stone I’m often asked, with a kind of uncertain grimace, if I carve headstones. Carved memorials are important to us, weighted with […]

work it out

Project update: February 2014

Over the last couple of months I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I want Stonecarved to do. Thinking more about how I want it to behave more […]